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ScreechingViolence, Y u no like us!?!?!? Good Genes Rejects V, part 2

Generation 1: The lemon-faces

This is Drake.

It's sweet that he wants to look like dad number Zhulh, but he's ass ugly, so...

Meet Emma.

Almost there, just not good enough.

...and at last, Tim.

Well, at least Tim has a nose... so, congratulations, you get to have sex! Hooray for you!!!

Generation 2: One out of three of your kids got hit with an ugly stick.

Lisse, at least, I think that's her name.

She's very pretty, now if only the bitch stood still long enough to get her damn photo taken. Because of this annoyance, she got the ax.
I'm not kidding, Tank literally threw an ax into her face.

Uh... shit, I forget her name.

She'd look preety is she didn't put all those warheads in her mouth. :) Wait. She's not eating warheads??? Oh good god!!!!


He looks pretty Academie le tour bound, so Jayden it is.

Generation 3: Fangs for the beautiful memories.

Esme. Now I'm just guessing what their names are.

Same problem as Lisse, but instead of the ax, Amadeo ripped her neck open and drank all her blood.

Roman. Like I said, I don't think I remember his name.

I just really liked Amadeo better. Don't worry, his neck was ripped open by giant sharp teeth too.

and finally, my entry. Amadeo.

This guy literally ate both his parents after birth. Monster. I guess that's what happens when you're bitten by a count.

On the bright side, I don't think he's ever looked any sexier.