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The Sim'd and The Damned - DW ([personal profile] screechingviolence) wrote2012-02-02 08:50 pm

What do you mean we didn't make the cut??? Good Genes V Rejects

These guys are the ones that did not exactly make the cut in the Good Genes Challenge, but let's look at them anyway

Generation 1 from left to right:
Ima Gross and Vera Grosse

Kind of obvious why I didn't choose any of these two.

Generation 2

Pretty Grosse

Riley Gross

Phil Grosse

Not that the other two were ugly, it's just that Riley had tiny nose syndrome, which I hate, and Phil resembled Tony Todd from Candyman if he was cast as a vampire on Being Human (both US and UK)

Generation 3 from left to right:
Jans Grosse, Klaus Grosse, Axl Grosse

Jans face looked like he lost a fight against a pie and Klaus really just scares the crap out of me.

I'm really horrible with commentary, so don't expect much dammit!