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2012-07-24 01:08 am

Master Controller Cheats: Instant Baby for M/M F/F couples.

Don't know where to install master controller? I'll post info about that later today, for right now it's nearly three in the morning where I live.

Let's meet our test subjects for today's experiment

Until now. Thanks to Twallan, two men can now produce children, minus the bitchiness that come with pregnancy!

To clear the "Attraction" thing up, it selects the sims that are attracted to the sex you select.

screechingviolence: bedroom eyes (Default)
2012-01-03 12:40 am

So I just started a DW...

Now what? Well, I got a shit ton of sims in the spare time that could use a nice home with other on-line weirds, so I'll upload those sometime in the future, though I can't promise much in quality of photography. I'd kill to learn how to make custom content too, if not because I love a good challenge, then because the content out there for male sims is seriously lacking compared to female sims, though I really wouldn't know where to begin. So... yeah. That's about it. I don't know what else to say, except that I like knives. and hairy muscular men with red hair. That is all.